Luxembourg National Research Fund

Founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is the only public university of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 
Multilingual, international and research-oriented, it is also a modern institution with a personal atmosphere.

Luxembourg National Research Fund

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) is the main funder of research activities in Luxembourg. We invest public funds and private donations into research projects in various branches of science and the humanities, with an emphasis on selected core strategic areas. Furthermore, we support and coordinate activities to strengthen the link between science and society and to raise awareness for research. We also advise the Luxembourg government on research policy and strategy.

John Templeton foundation

Sir John Templeton lived in an era of unparalleled scientific and technological progress. The accelerating pace of scientific discovery led Sir John to wonder whether the methods of science might be harnessed to make similar progress in understanding the deepest and most perplexing questions facing humankind. Today, the Foundation that bears his name aspires to fulfill his vision — relentless curiosity in pursuit of infinite discovery.

John Templeton foundation

The main objective of QuantERA is to coordinate a long-term strategic vision in the area of QT at the national and European level. The QuantERA partners continue to support ambitious research in jointly identified and selected topics of common interest with a high impact on the future of the European Union’s research and competitiveness. To date, QuantERA is the largest trans-European initiative focused on mobilisation, coordination and pooling of resources between regional, national and EU research programmes in QT.

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